Conferences (1/1)


9TH International Conference. After Communism. East and West under Scrutiny

Craiova, Romania
Submission deadline : 15 March 2018
Social Sciences and Humanities; Politics

eLearning and Software for Education Conference

Bucharest, Romania
Submission deadline : 07 January 2019
Education; E-learning


Bucharest, Romania
Submission deadline : 30 January 2019
Education; Teaching and Learning

WoS inxexed icSEP International Conference on Sport, Education & Psychology

Bucharest, Romania
Education; Teaching and Learning


Bucharest, Romania
Social Sciences and Humanities; Justice and legal studies

Efficiency of Legal Norms – 8th Edition Globalization and Law

Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, Romania
Submission deadline : 10 February 2019
Biology and life sciences; Environment

IECS 2019 - 26th International Economic Conference

Sibiu, Romania
Submission deadline : 15 February 2019
Economics; Marketing

Annual Session Of Scientific Papers IMT ORADEA 2019

Oradea, Felix SPA, Romania
Submission deadline : 18 February 2019
Engineering and Technology; Engineering

Agriculture for life, life for agriculture

Bucharest, Romania
Submission deadline : 03 December 2018
Engineering and Technology; Biotechnology

Dissent versus conformism in the Nordic, Baltic and Black Sea areas. 10th Conference on Nordic and Baltic Studies in Romania 2019

Constanta, Romania
Submission deadline : 01 March 2019
Social Sciences and Humanities; Baltic studies; Nordic studies; Black Sea area; dissent; conformism; dystopia; utopia

Educational Role of Language. From theory to practice, from practice to theory

Craiova, Romania, Romania
Submission deadline : 15 March 2019
Social Sciences and Humanities; Language