Conferences (1/3)

Mathematics and Statistics

2018 3rd International Conference on Applied Mathematics and Data Science

Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China
Submission deadline : 20 January 2018
Mathematics and Statistics; Statistics

The Second International Conference on Barriers and Enablers to Learning Maths and Stats

Glasgow, United Kingdom
Submission deadline : 26 March 2018
Mathematics and Statistics; Mathematics

11th Partnering with ACOs and IDNs Summit

Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Mathematics and Statistics; Statistics

International Symposium on Forecasting

Boulder, Colorado, United States
Submission deadline : 01 March 2018
Mathematics and Statistics; Statistics

2018 Informs International Meeting

Taipei, Taiwan
Submission deadline : 15 March 2018
Mathematics and Statistics; Operations research, Operations management

International Conference on Economics, Business and Social Sciences

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Submission deadline : 15 April 2018
Mathematics and Statistics; Mathematics

25th International EurOMA Conference

Budapest, Hungary
Submission deadline : 15 January 2018
Mathematics and Statistics; Operations research, operations management

IPCPMS 2018 : 4th International Postgraduate Conference on Physics and Mathematics

LANGKAWI, Malaysia
Submission deadline : 30 December 2017
Mathematics and Statistics; Mathematics

International Conference on Mathematical Modelling, Applied Analysis and Computation

JECRC University, Plot No. IS-2036 TO IS-2039, Ram, India
Submission deadline : 24 June 2018
Mathematics and Statistics; Fractional calculus, Advanced Analysis, Special Functions, Differential Equations, Fluid dynamics, Applied Statistics, Approximation Theory, Automation, Chaos Theory, Relativity and Cosmology, Circuits and Networks, Complexity Theory, Computational Mechanics, Computational Engineering, Continuous Modelling, Control Theory, Cyber Security, Discrete Mathematics, Dynamical Systems, Evolutionary Computation, Fuzzy Sets and Logic, Information Theory and Coding, Inverse Problems, Mathematical Biology, Mathematical Physics, Mathematical Sociology, Neural Networks, Numerical Analysis, Optimal Control, Scientific Computing, System Dynamics, Applied Mathematics and Modeling, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Control and Robotics, Number theory & Cryptography, Discrete Geometry, Elastodynamics, Financial Mathematics, Image/Signal Processing, Mathematical Chemistry, Mathematical Engineering, Mathematical Psychology, Operations Research, Representation Theory, Soft computing

International Conference on Mathematical Applications

Funchal, Madeira, Portugal
Mathematics and Statistics; Mathematics

2018 The 7th International Conference on Pure and Applied Mathematics (ICPAM 2018)

Budapest, Hungary
Submission deadline : 05 March 2018
Mathematics and Statistics; Statistics

2018 International Conference on Mathematics and Statistics (ICoMS 2018)

Porto, Portugal
Submission deadline : 28 February 2018
Mathematics and Statistics; Mathematics