Conferences (1/3)


XV. International Corrosion Symposium (KORSEM 2018)

Antakya, Hatay, Turkey
Submission deadline : 25 June 2018
Chemistry; Chemistry

03rd International Conference on Apparel Textiles and Fashion Design

Colombo, Sri Lanka
Submission deadline : 25 July 2018
Chemistry; Chemistry

2nd International Symposium on Catalysis and Speciality Chemicals ISCSC 2018

Tlemcen, Algeria
Submission deadline : 31 March 2018
Chemistry; Catalysis, Organic Chemisty, Environnement, Materials

International Conference on Research Optimization in Engineering Technology and Applied Sciences (OETA-OCT-2018)

Singapore, Singapore
Submission deadline : 15 June 2018
Chemistry; Chemistry

1-Week Hands-on Workshop on Human/Cancer Cell Culture Techniques & MTT Assay

Pune, Maharashtra, India
Chemistry; Chemistry

2nd International Conference on Applications in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (ICACCHE)

Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro
Submission deadline : 10 August 2018
Chemistry; Chemistry

2nd Edition of Study Days on Polymer Materials (JEMP’2018)

Béjaia, Algeria
Submission deadline : 30 May 2018
Chemistry; Polymers

AABC Asia: Advanced Automotive Battery Conference Asia

Osaka, Japan
Chemistry; Chemistry

International Conference on Information System, Computing Research and Engineering Sciences (ICES-OCT-2018)

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Submission deadline : 15 June 2018
Chemistry; Chemistry

I-COSINE 2018 - International Conference on Science and Innovated Engineering

Sabang, Aceh, Indonesia
Submission deadline : 31 August 2018
Chemistry; Chemistry

8th International Congress on Advances in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and polymer (CCP2018)

Istanbul, Turkey
Submission deadline : 25 August 2018
Chemistry; Chemistry

13th International Conference of Food Physicists - ICFP 2018 Antalya

Antalya, Turkey
Submission deadline : 01 May 2018
Chemistry; Chemistry

Applied Research International Conference on Science, Technology,Engineering & Mathematics

Oxford, England, United Kingdom
Submission deadline : 20 August 2018
Chemistry; Chemistry

Global Summit on Catalysis and Chemical Process Engineering

Valencia, valenicia, Spain
Submission deadline : 15 January 2018
Chemistry; Chemistry

8th International conference on Research in Engineering, Science and Technology

Paris, France
Submission deadline : 10 October 2018
Chemistry; Chemistry

PEGS Europe - Protein & Antibody Engineering Summit

Lisbon, Portugal
Chemistry; Chemistry

International Conference on Advances in Mathematics, Computers & Physical Sciences Thailand 2018

Bangkok, Thailand
Submission deadline : 10 November 2018
Chemistry; Chemistry

2018 the International Conference on Renewable Energy and Power Engineering (REPE 2018)--Ei Compendex and Scopus

Toronto, Canada
Submission deadline : 30 July 2018
Chemistry; Chemistry